Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Gone!

Sup Family,

I can't read any of your letters this week. I only have five minutes to right home. I am currently in the mission head quarters for the Medellin mission. Its on the 24th floor of a building and has amazing views of the city. I met with the mission president, and he is super chill. He speaks hardley any spanish but he made it really easy to talk to him. I do not know when I will be able to check my email again, so don't freak out when I don't write back, for a little. As soon as I get settled with my comp and my place I'll write ya on my p-day.

Also I was told that if anybody wants to mail me a package that they should put the Virgin Mary on all the seams of the box you send. The people here will never deface her. Also packages should not be declared for more than 10-20 dollars. Follow these things and my package might actually not get stolen.

Love you all a lot, and miss you guys.

View from the Mission Home

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