Monday, September 30, 2013

7-8 Miles Per Day

Hey Everyone, 

Life is still good here in Cerete. We are walking a bit less now that we can use motto taxis. We use them for when the area is far away, or are short on time. However, we still do walk around 7-8 miles a day because we normally use the mottos to get to an area, but walk back to save money. As for my shoes they are doing awesome. They are really broken in and super comfy now that I have been wearing them for 6 months. They hardly show signs of being out on a mission at all. Really awesome. I think they just might last my whole mission. (lets hope i didn’t just jinx that).

Speaking of walking, as we were walking back from an area yesterday that was far away, we came a different way home and we passed a huge house on the main road back in to town. Low and behold what do they have in a pen near there house? Ostriches. Yes ostriches, two of them to be exact, just chillin’. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they bought them, well other then ``I want to buy an ostrich, wait thats crazy lets buy two”.

The members are still treating us well. My favorite members would have to be one of two families. One of them is Yuly (Julie) and her mom Julia. They give us lunch every Saturday and it is always super good. Then we chat with them for a bit, great family. The other family is the Camachos. The dad is an english teacher and is pretty cool. The wife is a masseuse and likes to give the elders neck massages, and they are awesome. That family also helps the other missionaries a lot so that is awesome as well.

So hearing that my dog, Fargo, still snuggles on my bed when I’m not there makes me kinda sad : ( I miss my time at night with him, well at least when he was snuggling, and not attacking my hands or trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. Will you have Lydia scratch him for me. Also you should send me a photo of Fargo, because a lot of the kids are asking if I have a dog, and they don’t know what a pomeranian is.

Dad wrote me and sent me pictures of the Abarth. Okay, wow okay, just wow. It looks great and is just super awesome. I think the black looks better then the grey he had before. Now he does not drive a sleeper car anymore. I totally want to drive it when I get home. It is so cool that there are awesome sweet, fun and fast cars he can have while still being able to budget for all of us serving missions. I’m really grateful that we have the money for me to be able to serve. I love my mission.

Love you guys lots, 

P.S. Since my LDS mail was not working last week I have lots of letters to go through and don’t have time to upload pictures. Next week I promise.

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