Monday, September 16, 2013

Spoiled with Mail!!!

Hey Guys,

So let me start off by saying I am tired of everyone complaining about how hot it is back home or how rainy. We have rain here all the time. If it rains we are walking though lakes all day, its really annoying. The water is just to much for the system they have here in Cerete. As to the temperature, I have to deal with temperatures of 100+ almost every day. You guys just suck, You know that. You better enjoy that weather while you can cause I’m going to start praying for early snow for you guys.

This week I got the 3 packages, super awesomeness!  I got the one you mailed through Dear Elder, another one from you guys and one from the Hansen’s. So cool of them to send me a package! Can you thank them on Sunday for me please and I will also try to email them. It was awesome to get so many packages at once although I think that the other people in the house were a little sad. However after I started sharing the goodies with them. They were a lot more happy.

The teaching English has been going really well with my comp, Elder Gomez. He is a fast learner. He can have real conversations in English with people, its pretty cool. Its only Elder Gomez in the house now that doesn’t know english perfectly, so he is getting a lot of help from the other guys.

Sunday we had a family come to church that a recent convert invited. What was cool is they drove their car! No one here really comes to church with a car. It was awesome. They also seemed to really like church. But the best part is that he has the best mustache ever. It just so bushy and thick.

So its been 2 weeks now that we have been able to ride the motorcycle taxis now and they have not been that scary. Normally the people are not crazy mad men bent on driving the razors edge of life and death. Most of the time its a guy who has a wife and a kid at home and he is just trying to bring home money for his family.

Things are going good. We are doing well teaching and tracting and the spirit can be pretty strong sometimes. I really like being on my mission. I know the church is true!

Love you guys lots

Hey dad

P.S. So me (and elder Cutler) think Dad should go with the black rims for the cafe bike he is building. It looks more aggressive, and awesome.

Pouring Milk from the Bag.

Found a bat in the sink when we came home today
so we checked out the attic situation.

Card from my friend Nick!

Opening a letter my parents sent me in the MTC but didn’t get till now.
The office really needs really pick it up on the mail.

All my packages.

So, when I say we go to the store by our house, this is what I’m talking about.
You just ask for what you want and the people will pass it through the gate to you.

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