Monday, September 23, 2013

Mission Conference - No Time To Write

Hey Everyone.

So my LDS mail account is not working this week so I did not get anyones letters or questions. I’m using my MAC account at the moment. I also do not have long to write because I am in Montaria at a conference with our President. It should be really fun. I always enjoy when he speaks to us. He always knows exactly how he can help us. He also keeps it simple. Do this this and this and you will have more success. I really like it!

I saw Dad’s Heinkel pictures on flickr when I was uploading my pictures for the week. They look awesome. His looked better than all the other Heinkels that showed up to Heinkel Fest. 

Also this week, the house across the street from us has been playing 80’s hits really loud so that is just plain awesome. Just to name a few bands, Journey, The Police, The Cranberries, Aerosmith, and much more.

Love you guys so much, sorry I just cant right any more right now.


Welcome to the world of Colombian Dinning

Meet the new guy, Elder Cutler
(kind of looks like me with those shades on huh)

The sisters made this for an activity we had with our investigators.
We put the schedule on the back.

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