Monday, September 2, 2013

Learning New Stuff

Hey Everyone,

So its the first of the month so we are off to get our hair cut. We usually get our hair cut the first pday of the month, so that would be today. There are 100’s of tiny little hair cutting places. You can be in the middle of nowhere and there will be a place to have your hair cut. Its about 5 thousand pesos to get your hair cut nicely in Colombia. They are not as talented as LeAnne but hey you can’t complain about every part of the mission.

As of this Transfers, 3 of the 4 people in the house know English now. We have all decided we need to teach Elder Gomez english.One of the new elders we got that knows English is Elder Cisneros. He is my first American and is from Arizona. He is super chill. I talked with him last night about the vintage jeeps that he restored before his mission. He also had pictures. I talked to him about all the time I spent with Dad before my mission in the shop watching and helping him restore scooters. He thought it was pretty awesome.

The best part of my week was I got to make brownies again but this time I got to use the electric oven in the church so they came out a lot better. I made them for some of our investigators in the church for a noche de hermanamento or night of fellowship. We invited the recently baptized Sister to help us out and we also had another sister help bake. She had an electric mixer and she let us use it which was awesome. We watched the movie The Testaments with them while we ate. It was one of the videos they had playing on temple square a few years ago. Its about a family living before the coming of christ in the americas. I always cry at the end when the Savior visits the people and heals them.

I found out this week that my companion doesn’t want to hear any of the things I have learned about the gospel from some of the awesome conference talks I have on my iPod. Just so everyone knows, I play them through my speaker and they are mission approved. All the cool things I am learning he wants nothing to do with. He told me that he just wants to know the bare minimum. I think its hard for him to remember the basic stuff sometimes so he is worried that having extra might be really confusing. He has asked me to not share any of that with him any more. What was funny is the day right after that an investigator asked about the 4 letter hebrew name for god in her bible, and what it meant. I was able to explain that it was translated as ´´I am´´, and then she asked if that was why that when Jesus said ´´before Abraham was I am´´. I was able to tell her yes and talk about it. It just goes to show that the more you know the more you can help people when they have questions but I understand it might be hard for my comp.

Also I am officially missing home with news that my Dad is making a cafe racer. I so want to ride it when I get home. Other then the Vintage scooters, that is my favorite type of bike. Cafe racers are the bees knees. In related news about motorcycles, as of last Monday in our Zone we can now use motto taxis now. Not sure how I feel about climbing on the back of some random Colombian guys bike. If he drives well, its pretty great we wont have to walk as far to the parts of area that are super far away. The downside is it might be a bit sketchy.

Thats all, 
Love you guys lots,

I don't know what happened.
 one moment he was normal, I turn around for like a minute 
and Elder Cisneros has a bag on his head.

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