Monday, September 9, 2013

Testing Motorcycle Taxis

Hello Everyone,

Well this week for p-day we are going in search of a ´´leg bag´´. Elder Cutler (the new american elder)  had one when he came to our area. They are awesome. Its normally used for riding motorcycles in the desert but works awesome for missionaries. You can fit the Book of Mormon for the investigator, the pamphlets about different lessons, and a few other essentials. No need to carry around the big back pack all the time. I still plan to use the back pack when I need to haul big things but for the days like today it would be so much better to not be carrying the entire library of congress on your back.

We had our first motorcycle taxi ride Friday after them getting approved just last week. It was fairly uncomfortable. Elder Cisneros and I were on exchanges and it was late so we wanted to use a motorcycle taxi to get back to the house. The only problem was there was only one guy there to take us home. He ´´graciously´´ offered to take us both at the same time. We really had no choice since it was so late. Elder Cisneros and I climbed on. Him first then I got on after. Three dudes on a motorcycle isn’t very comfortable, physically or mentally. Three men should never be that close. When its just me and the driver I can space myself from him and sit on the very back of the seat but with the 3 of us we were creepily close. I try to use the stake dances rule from back home. If you can put a Book of Mormon between you, you are doing okay.

Some thing funny this week was that Elder Cutler and I got accused of being trunky by the other elders. We were just chatting after a lunch about all the wacky stores we had from before our missions. We were laughing so hard we were crying. The other elders, since they don’t understand english 100% of the time, thought we were crying about how we missed our homes and our families, and how we wanted to go back. The reality was we were just sharing ´´Bro Stories´´ from the past. Good times!

So good news. I was told by our Zone leader that I have 3 packages and 4 letters waiting for me. I don’t know what they are but my guess is that at least one or two of the packages are the leather cases for the scriptures I bought. As for the other package and the letters I have no idea. It’s all a part of the mystery and I’m really excited. It’s been almost 6 months I have only gotten 1 package.

I’m still craving Dr. Pepper. Its just the fact that it doesn't exist, that taunts me all the time. Its like hey we can swing buy the store and buy a drink. Wait, what was the point its not like ´´The nectar of the gods´´ is going to be there. Sad faces always :´(

The CX500 pictures Dad sent me are looking pretty snazzy. I told the new american elder that you were building a cafe racer, he freaked out, then when I told him it was using the CX500 as a base it blew his mind. He said that that is the exact thing he wants to do after his mission. He built old jeeps and broncos, and would rebuild motors just for fun. Its been great talking with some one that understands what I grew up with.

Love you guys lots,

P.S. Sorry, no new pictures this week but I’ll try for next time.

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