Monday, September 22, 2014

Emergency Transfer

Hey Everyone,

This week was a good week. We in fact were able to contact four new people. One of them has a date for baptism for the 18 of December. We are planing to invite the other three this week. As for working with the new guy. He is great we are working well together. There are a few things that need work, the biggest being he doesn’t respect the rule change that the president made on music. He has a lot of disney, and japanese rock songs on the piano. It not that they are bad, its just that they are not approved by the president. I’ve found if I obey ALL the rules I am blessed so that is what we need to do.

I also noticed this week that I am the oldest Elder in the house. I have the most time on the mission (the others have 8, 4 , and 2 months). I am not just the oldest by age but also have been in this area the longest. The difference really shows, I don’t know if its time in the mission or I’m just more serious about everything. They look to me to be in charge and I kind of like it.

We have had more of our awesome grilling events this week. We are planing to grill up some steak today. Everyone is going to buy their own steak so I’m going to be able to buy a big old slab of steaky goodness. Elder Rtojas hated the thicker steak. He likes his well done and charred on the outside, NASTY. It’s better to have the sweet juicy pink center (photos next week), And yes we have our ghetto grill rigged on our balcony because we are just smart enough to not have the smoke inside. It’s been nice to have other food when we are cooking our own dinners.

Friday was kind of fun. We were chatting with a recently returned missionary of the ward. He wants to present his family to the missionaries. We also chatted about his mission and funny things that happened in Ecuador. He is going to be the young mens Counselor focusing on missionary work. He is going to be a great help to the ward.

Sadly we have been unable to find more service lately, people her just don’t want to be helped by us. It is super sad  cause we are awesome : (

Well, I hope you guys are staying strong with out my lovely smile.



This emergency update just in. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only help. I need $150 NOW. I just got off the phone with the office and I am being emergency transferred  to the coast. I have to go home right now and pack up my stuff and get to the airport. Usually we go by 2 day bus ride but they need me to fly there today and they can’t get me cash that fast so I need money to bring my two bags with me otherwise I would be without clothes and stuff. They are going to charge me for bags and being over the weight. The office says they will try to get money back to me. I guess My new comp is on his own to obey the music rules. Not sure what happened to the Elder on the coast but I’m leaving this afternoon and they are putting me in charge. I guess I’ll have big updates next week. Gotta run so I have no time to post pics, bye.

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