Monday, September 15, 2014

Love My New Comp!!!

Hello My Amigos,

So transfers were last week and I have now been with the new guy almost a week and he is super cool. We are getting along really well. He is super animated to be in Medellin and out of the coast. He has 7 almost 8 months in the mission so that makes me the old man in the house ( the other companionship have less time than him). They make me feel old kind of, sometimes they don’t understand things that I learned a year ago. It all comes with time I guess. Crazy I’m down to less than 6 months left on my mission.

This was a good week in the field. The best part I would have to say was getting all the loose ends tied up that were in my area ie: dropping people we needed to drop, contacting people we need to, teaching with more unity. It has been a great change. We have so many people lined up for this week its crazy. I am so happy to be able to get back to work again.

Also second best part of the week was grilling up steaks on our Ghetto Grill. They tasted awesome. It was nice to eat something different for a change than beans & rice. We are planing to grill again real soon.

We had a good lesson on Thursday. We were teaching a lesson to an investigator named Diego. We also had a member that came with us named Est├ęban. He Is super shy but his testimony is powerful. He helped us out a lot. Like I said before its just so good to be able to teach and work and really do what I’m supposed too. Having a new companion has just been awesome!

So I hear Lydia got dropped off at BYUI last weekend. I’m glad she is doing alright. I think being by herself will help her out for her mission. She wont be so home sick when she leaves. She is going to be such an amazing missionary!!! The lord is watching over her. She just needs to watch out for the ``BYU I DO´´ until after she gets back. Gotta find those people she promised to before she got here. She is going to learn a lot of things in collage, more about herself then the subjects she will be studying. Although she did break the family chain of the U of U but BYUI isn’t our rival so its totally kosher. She looks so happy in the pics and her desk is huge. I wish I had a desk like that in the mission. I could have all of my stuff more organized. 

Also speaking of Lydia, I’m wanting to buy her some cool stuff for her mission. I just need to know where she is going. I’m so excited to hear where she is going. I think it will be awesome for her to have something from her big bro for her mission. 

So I’ve been thinking, what are my parents going to do now that every one is leaving the house? It’s like they are almost childless. I guess they will have money to play. I hope everything in their lives gets less strange real soon. It will be weird for me as well when I get home and no one but my parents are in the house.

Well love ya all,

Bought the jersey stuff from Germany winning the World Cup for a screaming deal.

Our “Man Food” dinner and ghetto grill.

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