Monday, September 8, 2014

Transfers Are Finally Here!

Hey Everyone,

So transfers did in fact come this week. I am staying in the same area and my new comp is going to be from Bolivia. His name is De La Torre which means of the tower so it's going to be super great having Elder “Swamp” and Elder “Tower”. I am so excited to finally get a new companion. This last week was the most painful yet. He just does not want to work anymore at all. I have tried to be patient but I have not always been good at it. I am supper happy that I can move on with my mission now. Now that I am being released from Liberty Jail, I can now become the missionary that I’m supposed to be again. This is going to be such an awesome, big change. He left today and I’m hanging with the other Elders until my new comp gets here from his old area on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tuesday I actually did get to work a little bit because we had exchanges. Yeah!!! I got to go out with Elder Rojas for half the day and then with Elder Cate. Elder Cate worked our tails off, we taught 6 lessons that day. It was great. Elder Rojas taught him well. I am so excited to get out there again. These past 2 transfers have been killing me.

Well, fun story this week. On Sunday I ate at a members house. She made a bunch of food from the coast, patcones, coconut rice and fish. But this was not a normal fish, it was bagre or catfish. It tasted really good, she cooked it in an onion sauce, super yummy. A thought it was still weird to eat catfish. I didn’t think that any one ate catfish. It actually was really good but I guess you just need to know how to cook it.

We also had a baptism this week, it was great. She just told us that she wanted to be baptized on Sunday. She planed everything out for herself. She ended up being so organized that she was baptized on Thursday but that was fine. It was amazing to see the change she had. She went from being super shy, to praying in front of the gospel principles class, awesome. She is going to be a great sister in the ward. I know it.

Oh, I also sen the cafe racer pictures Dad sent me to Elder Cutler again. He was very upset and said I was torturing him and making him suffer. He totally loves your bike.

I liked seeing your same tie Sunday pic this month. There are getting to be not many left of them. Speaking of the tie, a member here wanted to buy my tie. I told him that I couldn’t sell it because its special. He still tried to give me money. I explained to him why it was special and he backed down, supper funny.

Well, I hope you all have a fun week.


Quote of the week:
“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss something.”

Our Baptism This Week

Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Enough Said

My broken shoelace, I fixed it with a knot and glue until I can buy a new one.

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